Whether you’re an association executive looking for someone to motivate your members or an entrepreneur or executive eager to inspire your troops, Vickie Austin has a menu of presentations that speak to the heart of business & career success. As a keynote speaker, a workshop presenter or a facilitator, Vickie has the energy and ideas that will ignite your next conference, convention, leadership retreat or chapter meeting.

Specialty audiences: CPAs, financial planners and wealth management professionals, healthcare financial managers, attorneys, realtors, insurance professionals, consultants and other service professionals who rely on referrals for business.

Formats: Keynote presentations, workshops, breakout sessions and webinars, depending on your needs.

Topics & Presentations:

  • The Joys of Strategic Planning: How to Get from Here to There with Vision, Purpose and Power.” Ideal for business owners, association boards and individuals who know what they want to achieve but may not know how to get there. This presentation maps out the process of creating a strategic marketing plan complete with goal, objectives, strategies and tactics. Interactive, energetic and fun, this presentation helps participants plot their course to success, ensuring that every action step along the way moves them toward their goal.


  • “Leadership & Legacies: Surviving and Thriving in Dangerous Times.” Leadership is both an art and a science and while the rewards are many, leading can be a perilous journey. Participants learn the difference between technical and adaptive change which is ideal for leadership development, team building and success planning within associations and organizations. “Leadership & Legacies” includes a shot of inspiration for committed leaders, a primer for leaders-in-training and lively connections with participants—ideal for board retreats.


  • Your Golden Rolodex: How to Network for Success.” Although we all know networking is critical to our success, it’s hard to put into practice. This presentation helps identify how to make time for networking, identifying the power of the contacts you already have. Participants will leave with a  plan to honor, then leverage, those relationships, building a system for staying in touch and identifying networking strategies that will support their business or career goals.


  • “Just Enough Hours in the Day: Time Management with a Twist.” When we’re overwhelmed, it seems like there just aren’t enough hours in the day. But there really are “just enough hours in the day” when we’re clear about our goals and objectives. This fun and highly interactive presentation is all about how we manage our time, tackling the challenges that face busy professionals with tactics they can apply right away.


  • “The Career Audit: Get from Where You Are to Where You Want to Be.” Building a career takes time, energy and focus. First, we have to figure out what resources we already have in order to fill any gaps in our career plan. This presentation is a practical approach to career success, identifying where you are, where you want to be and what you’ll need to get there.

Vickie speaks about business and career-related topics upon request and will work with you to customize a program that’s just right for you and your organization. To book Vickie for an event, contact vaustin@choicesworldwide.com or call 312-213-1795.